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Your Teacher - Ravid Goldschmidt

Ravid is one of the first handpan players in the world, after working with the Hang creators in Switzerland (2003) he decided to dedicate his life to this unique instrument and has developed a method of playing the instrument. Now he is one of the leading HandPan player, giving concerts workshops and making music for Movies, TV and live performance.

Ravid has performed in venues such as :

Wiener konzerthaus (Austria), Bozar – brussels (Belgium), Town hall & Symphony hall – Birmingham (UK), Stockholms Konserthus – (Sweden), Laeiszhalle – Hamburg (Germany), The Sage Gateshead – New Castle(UK), Bohemiajazzfestival – Prague (Czech Republic), Barcelona Auditorium – (Spain), Palacio de congresos Madrid – (Spain),  TED  (ideas worth spreading) & more... is created by Ravid Goldschmidt and the Conrad family

Ravid is the mastermind behind the exercises you will meet. For more than 10 years Ravid has taught hundreds of people to play the handpan. He has written and published 8 books with more than 100 exercises.

The Conrads are a family of full time travelers, they first met the handpan in 2017 and it was love at first sight and they got their first handpan soon after. Ravid and the Conrads met each other in 2020 in Barcelona, Spain. Cecilie & Jesper where out walking and saw Ravid's shop Handpan Barcelona. They went in, said hi, and ended up talking a long time about the love for the instrument. The friendship grew and the talks ended up with a plan of helping even more people to learn to play the instrument, which has resulted in filming and editing more than 100 exercises you now can enjoy ... 


Cecilie Conrad

Cecilie is a cancer-surviving psychologist, former single-parent; co-sleeping, yogi, gluten-free, primarily plant-eating; happily married, stay-at-home, organic barefooted hippie and mother of four, living in a bus, knitting teddy bears and learning languages, counseling and enjoying sunsets.

Cecilie travels full time together with her husband and kids.

Cecilie blogs about the family's life on the road @TheConrad.Family

Jesper Conrad

Father to 4 wonderful children, digital nomad – Self Directed Learner and big unschooling fan, who has been working with digital marketing and business strategy and development for more than 20+ years. Now happy full-time traveler.

Storm Conrad

As a worldschooling family, who always are together it was only natural for Storm to take on some tasks in the project.

From just hanging out in the studio it grew into that Storm ended up as lead cameraman and editor on the project. 

In other words, no Storm, no videos.

The Conrad Family 

Cecilie, Jesper and their kids travels full time and blogs about their travels at TheConrad.Family 

4 kids + 2 dogs:

Liv Ea (b. 1999)
Liv Ea is a published author and she lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with her boyfriend. They visit and travels with us from time to time.

Storm (b. 2006)
Silke (b. 2009)
Fjord (b. 2012)
Yuna (dog, b. 2018)
Sulaima (dog b. 2022)

As life is a learning journey and this project is part of our learning the whole family has been involved in the creation of these courses.