I look forward to teach you how to play the Handpan. On this page you can see the courses available. We are constantly working on creating new courses for you.

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With love
Ravid Goldschmidt


Available Courses


Vol. 1

This course is about all of the background, the secrets of the instrument, the story of the invention, and my personal story with it. It holds info on the technicalities of reading written handpanmusic and how the instrument was built, how to maintain it and how to handle it in your everyday life at home and out and about with your music.聽


Vol. 2

In this course, you will learn 15 easy-to-follow exercises all in the measure of 2 beats/bar. The exercises are called: Snail, Steering Wheel, Fountain, Calypso, Jogging, Ladder, Hurdles, Zig-zag, Brain relax, Nets, Toccata & Fugue. We have also added some extra special bonus exercises.


Vol. 3

In this course, you will learn 16 easy-to-follow exercises in the measure/bar of 3. The exercises are called:聽Spiral, Plus, Scales, Open/Close, Smiles, Waltz in Valls, Compass, Rain, Drizzle, Manonam, Buildup, Kneading, and we have also added some special bonus lessons.


Vol. 4

In this course, you will learn 17 easy-to-follow exercises in the measure/bar of 4. The exercises are called: Peace, Windows, Tribe, Two-three-four, Paddle, Tennis, 4x4, Gallop, Triangles, Flam, Silences, Puppet,45 Degrees, Poli Poli, and we have also added some special bonus lessons :)


Spacedrum Evolution

This course is made especially for the Spacedrum Evolution - the big brother to the handpan developed by French-based Metal Sound. If you have a Spacedrum, this course is a great way to master your instrument. If you only have a normal Handpan - then this course isn't for you :)