Meet your teacher Ravid Goldschmidt

Ravid first met this wonderful instrument back in 2001 at a festival and have played it ever since. He immediately fell in love with the sound and wanted to know as much as possible about it. Ravid traveled to the secluded and peaceful surroundings of the Negev desert where he learned to master the instrument. 

To continue his learning journey he went to Switzerland to  learn to build and tune this beautiful instrument by Felix Rohner & Sabina Scharer, the inventors of the Hang.  Felix & Sabina encouraged Ravid to travel the world and show the instrument too people all around the globe.

Ravid was the person who brought the first handpan to China and many many other places. Now he is here - ready to share the secrets of the instrument with you.

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Ravid is a 5 star rated teacher

vol1-4 Learn to Play the Handpan: Bundle EUR 149.00

“I have just started the course, and I am already noticing essential changes in how I am playing and moving with the instrument. This course was what I needed, and I recommend it to everyone worldwide. Thank you!”

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“Learn to play in a self-taught way online. I recommend it for everyone who wants to get started.”

Student of Ravid

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“Ravid is a super attentive teacher!”

Student of Ravid

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“Ravid is a professional from the point of view of being a musician. His knowledge of the instrument and his professionalism is second to none, and he is very friendly as a person and very welcoming.”

Student of Ravid

Learn to master your handpan with these easy to follow exercises

Handpan players are like a family. Together we grow and learn from each other. The system I have created have been tested on and improved through all interactions I have had with all my students.

The exercises are built up in 3 easy to follow steps

Listen to the melody

First Ravid plays the melody so you can hear how it is supposed to sound, and so that you can get a feeling of the rhythm.

For each exercise you can download and print a PDF with the notes on how to play the melody.

See the Step-by-step explanation

Then Ravid takes you through a step-by-step explanation, where he explains how to play each of the different notes where to hit and which hand to use.

Then You Play Along 

In the last part of the exercise Ravid plays the melody slowly so you can follow along. You can repeat this part of the exercise until you master the melody.

This system teach you to play the handpan

Many people looks at the handpan as a kind of drum and they just transfer what they know from percussion to the handpan. For me the handpan is something new and we need to understand it. We need to being able to work with its nature, not just copy a style from another instrument.

The system I have created is different. I want you to really get to know your handpan. Be as one with your instrument.

My goal is to actually teach you to play the handpan, and not just to play percussion on the handpan.

Sign up and get comfortable
Listen to the modules
Follow the easy step-by-step manual

See how to play from above

Often when you try to learn to play the handpan, you are sitting in front of another player or are watching a video on youtube. We have all tried it, and it It is very difficult to learn to play a tune by watching it from the front. You need to reverse what you see without melting your brain and at the same time memorize the notes your are to play. To make it easier to learn to play - all our exercises are shot from above. When you look at the recordings, you can easily see what your left hand is supposed to be doing and what the right hand should do. Your muscle memory kicks in and you learn in an easy, fun & intuitive way.

20 years of knowledge in each course

Ravid has performed in numerous international music festivals, concerts and events in locals as far afield as Spain, England, China, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, Egypt and Canada.

Ravid is now one of the top international proponents of the instrument, and has developed a variety of playing techniques, producing music that has to be experienced to be believed. 

Ravid shares his love of the instrument  where ever he goes and has multiple times been invited to give Ted Talks about the instrument. 


 Learn - Play - Perform

One of the difficulties by leanring a new instrument is to figure out what to play. Many people just tap a little on their handpan and try to figure out how to play.

In my system you will learn a lot of different exercises that besides trining you in using both hands and using the whole isntrument also are small wonderful melodies in their own right.

I also teach you how you can work with the exercises and combine them into long sequences of your own.

I have had former students coming up to me after a concert saying: "You know what Ravid, I did it. I dared to play live, and I just combined what I had learned into my own little show"

- I cannot be any prouder. The handpan is to be shared. The sound is unique. I have traveled the world - and every time I play for others I see the light shine in their eyes, I feel them resonate with the sound. This is the gift you are to share with the world. I want you to learn to master your instrument so you can go out and perform for others - share the love.

It is my goal that you will 

Learn: to master your instrument. I want you to feel secure with every note on your instrument, learn how to combine the notes into harmonies.
Play: small melodies - start with my exercises, learn them by heart and then play what you have inside you.
Perform: feel secure enough to perform for others. With my system you will always have the exercises you have learned to start from, then you can move on and grow with your instrument.

What Ravid's students says

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“Ravid Goldschmidt is a famous handpan player and also a great teacher!”

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“Ravid is a handpan legend, very nice and friendly.”

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“Ravid is a great person and teacher. If you are interested in the handpan, you should know this.”

A system that works - tested by thousands

Ravid has created this simple and user-friendly method first published in eight popular booklets in 2008. Now the wellknown and loved system is  available as an online course.

The courses are related to the number of beats (or measures). So all the exercises of Course Vol 2 will be with 2 beats - those of Course vol 3 will be with 3 beats, those of course number 4 will be with 4 beats etc . . .  

With this method there is no need of a musical background!


Learn to play the handpan online 

We have created these Handpan Lessons & Tutorials for you to enjoy.
Our courses are carefully crafted and you will be able to learn play the handpan with our step-by-step lessons

Online video tutorials

With these video lessons you will be able to learn at your own pace. You can play the lessons again and again until you master the exercise. The system is easy to understand and you can even download the and print each exercise if you prefer this

Watch from your phone, table or computer

You can access the online handpan lessons how you prefer. If you prefer sitting at the beach, then just bring your phone, or sit at home in your own space and learn from your desktop. This course works well on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Join the facebook group & our lovely community

One of the most important things to while learning is to share The perfect place to get to know other players, share your progress and be inspired.

Have a question? We are here

Whatever your question, you’re never alone. We'll do everything we can to help.

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Start learning and share the love

I have been in love with this instrument and its unique sound for more than 20 years. From the first time I played the handpan I have been mesmerized by its sound, I love the music it is possible to create and I love the inner peace playing this instrument provides.

I love to share the love of the handpan through teaching and I hope and believe that you will enjoy my courses and learn to master your handpan.

Choose your course below.

I look forward to teach you - 


Ravid Goldschmidt


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I have decided to gift my intro course to everybody. This course is about all of the background, the secrets of the instrument, the story of the invention, and my personal story with it. It holds info on the technicalities of reading written handpanmusic and how the instrument was built, how to maintain it and how to handle it in your everyday life at home and out and about with your music. 

Free extra lessonz

Besides the intro course you will also get access to four extra lessons. I hope you will enjoy learning these melodies I have created. And once you are ready to learn more - please go and order the whole course :) It would make me super happy :)

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