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“Learn to play in a self-taught way online. I recommend it for everyone who wants to get started.”

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“Ravid is a professional from the point of view of being a musician. His knowledge of the instrument and his professionalism is second to none, and he is very friendly as a person and very welcoming.”

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Meet your teacher Ravid Goldschmidt

I first met this wonderful instrument back in 2001 at a festival and have played it ever since. I immediately fell in love with the sound and wanted to know as much as possible about it. I traveled to the secluded and peaceful surroundings of the Negev desert where I learned to master the instrument. 

To continue my learning journey I went to Switzerland to  learn to build and tune this beautiful instrument by Felix Rohner & Sabina Scharer, the inventors of the Hang.  Felix & Sabina encouraged me to travel the world and show the instrument too people all around the globe.

I was the person who brought the first handpan to China and many many other places. Now I am here - ready to share the secrets of the instrument with you.

I look forward to teach you - 


Ravid Goldschmidt

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